SUP Blanks 9'0" - 11'


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

We make the blanks custom to the rocker you want .

Machine and cutting cost, you will have to call for a quote.

We do quote racing SUP Blank depending on what you want. Racing blanks start at $250.00 a blank.

Short board blanks are $130.00 and come with a free machine cut. Design or machine path of the file cost extra.

American Maed Blanks


  •  - Add Standup Paddle Board Sales to Your Existing Business! 
  • - Add SUP Boards to Your Camp!  
  • - Add Standup Paddle Boards to your Rental Dock! 
  • - Start at SUP Board Rental Business!                                                    

Bogaert Boards offers you a number of ways to partner with us, whether you're a retailer, or an individual looking to start a new SUP business.


Private Label and Fleet Boards - We offer private label American Made manufacturing and production out of our South Florida factory. Create your own line of SUP boards for sale or for use at your business.


Camps - We have special offers for camps looking to bring SUP to your campers. Buy boards specifically made for kids and brand your boards to improve camper experience.


Start a SUP Business - You can start your own SUP business with Bogaert Boards! For a minimal investment you can get up and running. Leverage Bogaert Boards brand and market leadership position to launch your business. 


Retailers - For retailers, Bogaert Boards offers a number of options to expand your business with the American Made leader for ultra light custom made SUP boards. We have boards and paddles for all types of environments and we can build boards to your specific needs, with your logos and colors.  There are a number of ways to partner with Bogaert Boards and enjoy the opportunities the world's fastest growing water sport will bring to you.  For more information, please contact us at